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Long Island Upholstery Cleaning

Almost every home has some type of upholstered furniture. There are many good reasons for the popularly of choosing upholstered furniture. This type of furniture is comfortable, colorful, and adds texture and interest to your home’s décor.
Today you have more upholstery fabric choices than ever before with seemingly unlimited fabric choices, knowing how to clean those upholstery fabrics has become more and more difficult. If you choose the wrong cleaning method, product or solution, you may end up ruining your upholstery causing your colors to fade or to run. You could also end up with those ugly permanent water spots. You can save yourself the stress and worry of wondering if you are cleaning your upholstery correctly by allowing our upholstery cleaning experts at Long Island Carpet Cleaning Pros to clean your upholstery for you.

We Clean All Types Of Upholstery

Here at Long Island Carpet Cleaning Pros there is no type, style of upholstered furniture we can’t clean from those small dining room chair cushions to those large sofas and recliners. We also clean all types of upholstery fabrics including:
  Silk / Satin
  Leather / Pleather
  Velvet / Velour
  Cotton & cotton blends
  Polyester & polyester blends
  Wool & wool blends


We here at Long Island Carpet Cleaning Pros are always happy to answer any questions you may you have or address any of your concerns. You can always give us a call or speak to our online representative or take advantage of our free consultation.

If you have a lot of questions, or want to explain your specific needs to get the most reliable estimate possible then you make an appointment for our free consultation. During the consultation you will have the time to explain your specific needs in detail and discover how we can meet those needs. We will also be more than happy to give you an estimate based on your specific needs.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Processes

We will leave your upholstered fabrics looking fresh and clean and your furniture will smell as fresh as it looks. Whenever it is applicable we use our organic cleaning products to remove stains and odors from your upholstery. Our organic cleaners are safer for children and pets than chemical cleaners and won’t leave behind any dulling residue or toxic chemical smells.

Extras We Clean

In order to provide you with better service our upholstery cleaning technician don’t just clean your upholstery. They will also clean your drapes, blinds and those beautiful tapestries you hang on your wall. When we clean your upholstered furniture we want to leave your entire room or home looking clean and smelling fresh so adding the cleaning of these extras to our upholstery cleaning services simply made sense.

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